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Periodontology & periodontitis

Periodontitis is an oral disease that causes permanent damage to the attachment fibers and jawbone (periodontium).

The dental hygienists at Mondfit specialize in early detection and treatment of gingivitis and periodontitis to minimize and even prevent permanent damage.

Tandarts Rotterdam

Untreated periodontitis

Damage to the jawbone

The condition occurs because plaque and tartar are not addressed in a timely manner, causing gum inflammation (gingivitis).

When left untreated, inflammation leads to deep spaces (pockets) between the gums and jawbone where harmful bacteria damage the jawbone and attachment fibers.

Effects of periodontitis

Long-term consequences

Periodontitis leads to gum recession that leaves the tooth roots partially exposed. This can cause a lot of pain during brushing and when eating and drinking.

The longer periodontitis goes untreated, the further it increases. Periodontitis eventually attacks the jawbone, causing teeth to loosen and eventually lose teeth themselves.


Fix Periodontitis

Prevention and treatment

Do you suffer from gum disease or loose teeth? Contact us for a customized solution. We make every effort to restore your oral health as soon as possible. Make an appointment, fill out the registration form or call us directly at 010-760 2999.

Specialist in periodontitis

Remedy underlying disorders

Removes unwanted bacteria

An optimally healthy mouth

Prevent permanent damage to the jawbone

Recognizing Periodontitis

Periodontitis and periodontalgia Rotterdam

In the early stages, periodontitis has a very gradual progression. As a result, the body sometimes does not send out pain signals andthe inflammation is not always accompanied by bleeding or sensitive gums.

This makes it difficult for the patient to recognize. Visiting the dental hygienist regularly not only ensures that the condition is detected and treated at an early stage, but can also be prevented.


Preventing Periodontitis

Good oral hygiene

Good oral hygiene is essential in the prevention of cavities, gingivitis and periodontitis. Not smoking, thorough brushing, cleaning well between the teeth and eating and drinking healthily contribute to the prevention of periodontitis.

The dental hygienist is there to inform and advise you according to your personal oral situation and ensures that the risk of periodontal disease is minimized.

Medication & more

Far-reaching consequences

Even with good oral hygiene, periodontitis can develop. Conditions such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes increase the risk of gum disease.

The intake of certain medications, hormonal change, hereditary factors, general health, smoking and stress also affect oral health.

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Had several treatments due to inflamed gums. Also my children in treatment. Work is done carefully, good instructions and friendly.
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Friendly and cheerful staff, who explain well what they see in your mouth and advise how best to deal with any problems.

Early treatment

Periodontology & periodontitis

Early detection and treatment of gingivitis and periodontitis is the specialty of the dental hygienist.

Our dental hygienists ensure that harmful pockets of bacteria (including under the gums) are cleaned effectively, comfortably and painlessly to prevent periodontitis from developing.

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Treating periodontitis

Damage to the jawbone

When treating periodontitis, it is important to stop the breakdown of fibers and jawbone.

To measure this, reassessment takes place after 3 months and results are compared. In most cases, periodontitis has been stopped and follow-up care can be performed to prevent future problems.

Prevent relapse

Prevent terguval

To make treatment successful and prevent relapse in the future , good personal oral hygiene is important in addition to treatment. 

This is why personal dental care is also discussed in detail with clear information and concrete advice tailored to your personal oral health.


According to the dental hygienist

Early recognition

“It is unfortunately common that periodontitis is not recognized by the patient until the teeth become loose.

The Oral Hygienist is trained to recognize periodontitis as early as possible. Therefore, regular checkups with the dental hygienist are the most reliable way to recognize and prevent the condition.

– Ramin Najafbagy MSc, Oral Hygienist & owner Mondfit Mondzorg


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Oral hygienist Rotterdam

Looking for a dental hygienist in Rotterdam who specializes in correcting periodontitis for optimal oral health?

Prevent damage to the jawbone

Remedy underlying disorders

Thoroughly addressing the cause

Quickly regain optimum oral health

Curious about the state of your oral health? Contact us for options. We will be happy to assist you.

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Mondfit Mondzorg ensures that you can quickly enjoy fresh breath again without worry.

Sensitive teeth and gums

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What does the Oral Hygienist do

Everything for a Healthy Mouth

The dental hygienist prevents and remedies oral diseases such as gingivitis and periodontitis, removes tartar and plaque, and fixes bleeding gums. The dental hygienist’s treatments are aimed at preventing conditions and alleviating existing symptoms.



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Teeth whitening

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