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Invisalign Rotterdam

Invisalign invisible braces

Beautiful straight teeth but would rather not have braces? Invisalign’s removable aligners offer a wonderful alternative. Mondfit is the Invisalign Rotterdam specialist for beautiful straight teeth.

Carefree enjoyment of healthy teeth and a beautiful smile, who doesn’t want that? At Mondfit, our dentists will help you progress toward naturally beautiful teeth with invisalign invisible braces.


Straight teeth

Qualified dentists

Looking for a specialist Invisalign Rotterdam for beautiful straight teeth? At Mondfit Rotterdam, professional care and a personal approach are front and center.

The dentists at Mondfit are on hand with curative treatments, excellent advice and outstanding dental health care.

Contact us for an appointment today. Make an appointment, fill out the contact form or call us directly at 010-760 2999.

Straight teeth within 6 to 12 months

The alternative to classic braces

Removable whenever and wherever you want

Translucent and therefore virtually invisible

Tailored to your teeth for a comfortable wearing experience

Invisalign aligners

Carefree straight teeth

Invisalign is the world leader in invisible and removable aligners. Traditional braces are a thing of the past thanks to Invisalign aligners; the optimal choice for perfectly straight teeth.

With patented 3D scanning technology and intelligent software, Mondfit ensures that Invisalign aligners are perfectly matched to your teeth.

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What others are saying

These people went before you. Some of their reviews

Sandra Huizer
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I have been treated very professionally by both the dentist and the dental hygienist. Also, all the staff is very friendly!
Nadia al Maach
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Have had several treatments due to inflamed gums. My kids are treated here. Work is done carefully, instruction has been excellent and the staff is very friendly.
I Willems
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I have been coming here for years, very friendly staff and always clean teeth. I don't mind travelling a a little bit, even now that I live a little further away
F. Marcussen
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Helped last week by the dental hygienist at Mondfit. My teeth are really super clean! Definitely highly recommended.
Walleh Taghavi
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After a bad experience at my previous dental hygienist I've been very happy for a long time with Mondfit.
Jeroen V.
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Friendly and cheerful staff, good at explaining and advising on how best to deal with any problems.

Vivera retainers

Maintain straight teeth

Teeth that have been straightened will eventually return to their natural position. The Invisalign Vivera retainer is specially designed to actually keep your straight teeth straight.

Have the position of your teeth checked regularly. Are you registered with the Mondfit dentist? In this case, the checkup is automatically included during the dental checkup.


A beautiful straight set of teeth in 3 steps

With the unsightly aligners from Invisalign

Aligners do the same job as braces but without the drawbacks. Like braces, aligners, like braces, straighten the teeth in a controlled way, but in addition are removable and nearly invisible.

Step 1: The Invisalign Process

Straight teeth begin with a careful survey of your mouth and desires. The dentist takes dental impressions in conjunction with oral photographs to create the Invisalign treatment plan. The cost of Invisalign will be discussed with you in advance so there are no surprises.

Step 2: Dental model and treatment plan.

At the second visit, our Invisalign dentist will go over the treatment plan with you. Using a digital 3D model, you get an accurate picture of the final result and we tell you exactly how long the process will take.

Step 3: Starting with the aligners

The dentist will go over the treatment plan and the wearing of aligners with you. Where necessary, the dentist will place temporary attachments on the teeth, which are temporary small pieces of composite to which the aligner attaches. You will return every 4 to 6 weeks for monitoring and evaluation.

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Thanks to the removable aligners, you decide when and where to remove the aligner, such as while eating & drinking. The aligners are fully translucent, making them almost unnoticeable when worn. Want to learn more about what Mondfit can do for you? Contact us for more information or an appointment.

Intake consultation

Invisalign Rotterdam

Do you want straight teeth and are curious if the Invisalign treatment path is really for you? Then take advantage of the intake consultation. Within two appointments, you will know exactly what your options are.

After the consultation, you will have a clear picture of the options and costs regarding your teeth. Plus, you only pay for the intake consultation without being tied down to anything else.


During the consultation

First and second appointments

During the first appointment, we will tell you what Invisalign is and what it does. We will discuss your needs with you and map out your teeth through photographs and dental impressions. 

At the second appointment, the dentist will discuss the findings, the options and an individual treatment plan with you in which, among other things, the costs and duration of the course are clearly and transparently presented to you.

Invisalign Rotterdam

Market leader in invisible braces

Carefree enjoyment of healthy teeth and a beautiful smile, who doesn’t want that? At Mondfit, our dentists will help you progress toward naturally beautiful teeth with invisalign invisible braces.


Most Frequently Asked Questions

At Mondfit, you can get straight teeth in 6 to 12 months with Invisalign’s invisible braces.

For optimal results, aligners should be worn about 22 hours a day.

Treatment with Invisalign aligners may cause a sensation of slight pressure in the initial period. This occurs because the teeth are very gently and gradually moved into the desired position.

Aligners should be worn as much as possible. Aligners are taken off while brushing teeth and while eating or drinking. The longer you wear the aligners per day, the faster the desired results will be achieved.

After the final aligner, the teeth can be whitened. At Mondfit, you can get special bleaching gel suitable for in the final aligner.

Depending on your specific oral situation, this is once every 4 to 8 weeks for monitoring and evaluation.

If you do nothing, over time your teeth will shift again. Wearing the Invisalign retainer at night keeps your teeth straight.

During intake, comprehensive mouth shots are taken, impressions of your teeth are taken and an x-ray overview is taken. Based on this data, a comprehensive treatment plan and a 3D digital model of your teeth will follow, showing you the before and after situation.

We will discuss the treatment plan and 3D model with you during the second appointment. After that, you will make the choice whether or not to continue with the Invisalign program at Mondfit. The cost for the intake + discussing the plan in the second session includes photos, x-rays and prints €180 to €220.

No. Only when you give an approval will we start the Invisalign treatment.

In order to determine the exact cost, an intake should take place first, only then can we give you an overview of the total amount. Upon request, we can also find out if reimbursement can be made from your insurance.

You can pay for the treatment in parts. The exact breakdown of costs will be discussed with you during the Smile Consult.

When teeth are straight, it gives you better oral health, a nicer smile and often whiter teeth. Straight teeth leave less deposits, plaque & tartar due to things like coffee, tea or smoking. This greatly reduces the risk of cavities or gum disease. Here, of course, good daily oral care remains a prerequisite.

Mondfit Mondzorg Invisalign treatments are performed exclusively by the licensed dentists with the additional invisalign Go certification.

Mondfit Mondzorg Invisalign treatments are performed exclusively by the licensed dentists with the additional invisalign Go certification.

What the Dentist does

It's all about a healty mouth

Every day, our dentists work hard on our patients’ dental health. Personal attention combined with excellent dentistry are our main priority. We are committed to keeping your teeth in optimal health with high-quality treatments and professional care.

Dental check-up

Dental check-up

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Crowns & bridges

Crowns & bridges

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Root canal treatment

Root canal treatment

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Cavities and fillings

Cavities and fillings

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Anxiety dentist

Anxiety dentist

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Emergency dentist

Emergency dentist

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Evenings and weekends

Pressed on time? Mondfit has you covered. We are available for appointments in the evenings and on weekends. Referrals by other dental specialists are not required. 

Dentist Kralingen

Easily accessible

Looking for a dentist in Rotterdam Centrum? At Mondfit Dental care, you have come to the right place!

Our practice is centrally located in Rotterdam and easily accessible by public transportation. Our clinic is located next to Voorschotenlaan metro station and has ample parking in the vicinity.


Dental hygienist Rotterdam

Looking for a dental hygienist? At Mondfit Dental Care, dentist & dental hygienist work closely together to ensure the dental health of our patients. Find out what our licensed dental hygienists can do for you.

Teeth whitening

For a bright white smile

Healthy, well-kept white teeth can mean all the difference towards a confident and carefree smile.

Are you curious about what we are able to do for your smile and do you want to learn more about teeth whitening at Mondfit? Then contact us, we are happy to tell you more.


Our service

Why choose Mondfit Dental Care?

At Mondfit, we put our patients front and center. That’s why we are available in the evenings and on weekends and why you don’t need a referral to make appointment with us.

No refferal needed

You do not need a referral from a dentist or other dental specialist for an appointment with our dental hygienist.

Evenings and Weekends

No time during working hours? At Mondfit, we know all about busy schedules. That's why we are also available on evenings and weekends.

Free up to the age of 18

Up to age 18, treatments by the dental hygienist are 100% covered.

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