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EMS Airflow dental cleaning

Pain-free teeth cleaning Rotterdam

EMS Airflow Dental Cleaning

High quality dental cleaning

EMS Airflow Dental Cleaning is a patented Swiss technology for professional dental cleaning and removal of stains, tartar and plaque.

EMS Airflow dental cleaning is specially designed to thoroughly clean the mouth and teeth. In addition, thanks to the revolutionary Piezon No Pain technology  the dental cleaning is completely pain-free. 

Image of the EMS Airflow device for pain-free dental cleaning

Pain-free cleaning

Revolutionary No Pain technology

Classic dental cleaning is often an unpleasant and painful experience for many patients with sensitive teeth.

With the Revolutionary Piezon no Pain technology of EMS Airflow dental cleaning, painful visits to the dental hygienist are a thing of the past. EMS Airflow is specially designed to provide pain-free cleaning in even the most sensitive areas of the mouth.

EMS Airflow Dental Cleaning

Mapping oral health

Curious about what EMS Airflow dental cleaning can do for you? Contact us for personal advice tailored to your individual needs. We take every effort to restore your teeth to optimal dental health as soon as possible. Make an appointment, fill out the patient registration form or call us directly at 010-760 2999.

Comfortable and pain-free

Deep cleaning of teeth

Even in hard-to-reach places

Neutralizes bacteria even under the gums

Prevents damage to teeth, molars and implants

Airflow technology

How EMS Airflow Works

EMS Airflow dental cleaning uses patented technology for deep cleaning of the teeth to fight against stains, plaque, tooth deposits and tartar.

It replaces dental scratching instruments with an ingenious combination of air and water pressure and a special denture-friendly powder. The Airflow system recognizes real-time pressure applied to the teeth and gums and automatically adjusts it for a pleasant and completely pain-free experience.

Airflow Powder Plus Aluminium bottle

Airflow Powder Plus

The power of powder

Airflow Powder Plus powder brings together the best of both worlds. A deep-cleansing powder that is so fine-grained that teeth and gums remain undamaged.

The airflow system, due to the unique molecular composition of the slightly sweet powder, is able to remove plaque, dental plaque, tartar and stains painlessly and comfortably.

Swiss precision

Professional oral hygiene

Unnecessary damage and pain caused by intensive scraping of the teeth and gums is a thing of the past thanks to EMS Airflow. 

Moreover, thanks to the extreme precision of the EMS Airflow system, the impact on the teeth is minimal. The result is a pain-free and thorough professional cleaning with minimal impact on the patient.

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What others are saying

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Sandra Huizer
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I have been treated very professionally by both the dentist and the dental hygienist. Also, all the staff is very friendly!
Nadia al Maach
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Have had several treatments due to inflamed gums. My kids are treated here. Work is done carefully, instruction has been excellent and the staff is very friendly.
I Willems
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I have been coming here for years, very friendly staff and always clean teeth. I don't mind travelling a little bit, even now that I live a little further away.
F. Marcussen
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Helped last week by the dental hygienist at Mondfit. My teeth are really super clean! Definitely highly recommended.
Walleh Taghavi
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After a bad experience at my previous dental hygienist I've been very happy for a long time with Mondfit.
Jeroen V.
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Friendly and cheerful staff, good at explaining and advising on how best to deal with any problems.

Cleaner teeth

Optimal dental cleaning

Clean and healthy teeth are not only important for a healthy mouth. Conditions that begin in the mouth can eventually impact the entire body.

Therefore, an optimally clean and healthy mouth is essential in preventing disease and illness. With Airflow from EMS, Mondfit has everything we need to clean our patients’ mouths and teeth better and more thoroughly than ever before.


Pain-free treatment

Carefree Oral Hygiene

Thanks to EMS Airflow, painful teeth cleaning is a thing of the past. Stains, tooth deposits, plaque and tartar are thoroughly removed even under the gums without causing inconvenience to the patient.

Even in the case of implants and cavities, the Airflow technology provides unprecedented precision and comfort.

Get rid of the scaler

Optimal dental cleaning

Within oral healthcare, the use of a metal scaler has been the norm for over fifty years. That while teeth scraping causes unwanted damage.

Unlike many other practices, Mondfit uses the latest EMS Airflow system; a combination of powder, air and water pressure that exerts minimal impact on the teeth for optimal results.

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EMS Airflow Dental Cleaning

Compelete dental cleaning

The Airflow EMS system removes plaque, tooth deposits, tartar and stains painlessly and with guaranteed Swiss precision. Find out why Airflow is embraced by oral healthcare professionals worldwide.

Deeper cleaning

A healthier mouth

EMS Airflow is specially designed to clean deeper and more efficiently even in the most difficult parts of the mouth as more traditional mouth cleaning methods.

Deeper oral cleansing reduces the likelihood of potential diseases. Tartar, plaque and tooth deposits are effectively addressed even below the gums for an optimally clean and healthy mouth.

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Mondfit Dental Care Rotterdam Bad breath

Bad breath

Halitosis and the tongue

Bad breath (halitosis) is a source of annoyance for many. Often this is caused by bacteria found on tongue.

Cleaning the tongue creates an unpleasant sensation for most patients. Airflow from EMS provides not only thorough but also comfortable tongue cleaning.

Evenings and weekends

Pressed on time? Mondfit has you covered. We are available for appointments in the evenings and on weekends. Referrals by other dental specialists are not required. 

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Care for implants

Avoid unnecessary damage

Implants in the mouth should be cleaned thoroughly just like the teeth to fight bacteria and prevent damage

Cleaning implants with the traditional metal scaler can result in expensive and unwanted damage. With EMS Airflow, implants are thoroughly cleaned without causing damage.

EMS Airflow. A new standard.

Patented Swiss technology

The EMS Airflow system is specifically designed to take dental cleaning to the next level.

Oral care professionals from around the world have collectively put more than 100,000 hours into developing the most technologically advanced system on the market. 

The result is a revolutionary total system for the most thorough, intense mouth cleaning ever. 


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Sensitive teeth and gums

Wan't to enjoy a carefree meal without worrying about toothache? Mondfit helps.

Suffering from bad breath?

Enjoy worry-free fresh breath in no time at all with Mondfit Dental Care.

Teeth whitening

For a bright white smile

Healthy, well-kept white teeth can mean all the difference towards a confident and carefree smile.

Are you curious about what we are able to do for your smile and do you want to learn more about teeth whitening at Mondfit? Then contact us, we are happy to tell you more.


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