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Dentist Rotterdam Kralingen

Mondfit Mondzorg dentist Rotterdam Kralingen

Dentist Kralingen

Oral health first

With the dentists at Mondfit Mondzorg, the health of your mouth and teeth is paramount.

The dentist treats diseases and conditions and ensures that you regain optimal oral health as soon as possible. 

Dentist Rotterdam

What the dentist does

Prevention and treatment

Our dentists will do everything possible to keep your mouth healthy and make it better as soon as possible.

For example, by examining the entire oral health during the annual checkup or by treating existing conditions.


Dentist Rotterdam Kralingen

Looking for a dentist in Rotterdam Kralingen? At Mondfit Rotterdam, professional care and personal guidance are paramount.

The dentists at Mondfit assist you with curative treatments, excellent education and excellent oral health care.

Contact us today for an appointment. Make an appointment, fill out the contact form or call us directly at phone number 010-760 2999.

Always an immediate appointment

Specialist in anxiety

Pain-free treatment

Qualified dentists

Up to 18 years free

Our practice

Mondfit Oral Care

At Mondfit Mondzorg, high-quality care and high-quality care and excellent patient care are paramount.

Our treatments are tailored to the patient’s individual oral situation and personal needs, because good oral health is not only important for everyone, but also different for everyone.

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What others are saying

These people went before you. Some of their reviews

Sandra Huizer
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I have been well and competently helped here by both the dentist and dental hygienist. Also, all the staff is very friendly!
Nadia al Maach
Read More
Had several treatments due to inflamed gums. Also my children in treatment. Work is done carefully, good instructions and friendly.
I Willems
Read More
I have been coming here for years, very friendly staff and always clean teeth. Now that I live a little farther away, I'm happy to travel a bit for this.
F. Marcussen
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Helped last week by the oral hygienist at Mondfit. My teeth are really super clean! Definitely highly recommended.
Walleh Taghavi
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After a bad experience at my previous dental hygienist now for a long time very happy with Mondfit.
Jeroen V.
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Friendly and cheerful staff, who explain well what they see in your mouth and advise how best to deal with any problems.

No dentist referral needed

For an appointment with Mondfit Mondzorg, you do not need a referral from a dentist or other dental health specialist.

Evenings and weekends

Pressed on time? Mondfit has you covered. We are available for appointments in the evenings and on weekends. Referrals by other dental specialists are not required. 

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Toothpaste, toothbrushes, brush heads, mouthwash, brushes, softpicks - Everything you need for healthy teeth

Implants Rotterdam Kralingen

Implants offer a lasting solution for your teeth. Mondfit's high-quality implants are completely tailored to your unique oral situation for optimal comfort.

Free from pain

Carefree visit to the dentist

At Mondfit, we believe that every patient deserves a comfortable and pipe-free experience.

With our continued focus on the latest technology and a pleasant patient experience, Mondfit is able to provide virtually pain-free care for any treatment or procedure.

Anxiety dentist Rotterdam

Dealing with fear

Fear dentist Rotterdam

Anxiety is a common problem that keeps many people from going to the dentist in a timely manner.

The dentists at Mondfit are experienced in dealing with anxious patients and specialize in treating patients painlessly and comfortably. We make every effort to always make a visit to our practice a pleasant experience.

Anxiety dentist Rotterdam Kralingen

Anxiety keeps many people from visiting the dentist. That's a shame, because a pleasant and pain-free experience is almost always possible at Mondfit.

Emergency dentist Kralingen

Are you in urgent need of dental care? At Mondfit, we can provide immidiate care for our patients , 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Mondfit Dental Care

Complete dental care at one location in Rotterdam

At Mondfit, our licensed dentists, dental hygienists and dental health specialists are on hand daily with professional oral care and a personal touch.

Rotterdam center dentist

Easily accessible

Looking for a dentist in Rotterdam Centrum? At Mondfit Mondzorg, you have come to the right place!

Our practice is centrally located in Rotterdam and easily accessible by public transportation. The practice is located next to Voorschotenlaan Metro Station and has ample parking.


What the Dentist does

Everything for healthy teeth

every day, our dentists work hard on the dental health of our patients. Personal attention combined with excellent dentistry are our main priority. We are committed to keeping your mouth in optimal health with hig-quality treatments and professional care.

Periodic examination

Periodic examination

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Crowns & bridges

Crowns & bridges

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Root canal treatment

Root canal treatment

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Cavities and fillings

Cavities and fillings

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Anxiety dentist

Anxiety dentist

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Emergency dentist

Emergency dentist

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Periodic examination

Dental check-up

During the periodic checkup, the dentist examines the overall condition of the mouth.

Based on your personal oral situation, the dentists at Mondfit will do everything possible to make and keep your mouth and teeth as healthy as possible.

periodic check-up

Dental hygienist Kralingen

Looking for a dental hygienist? At Mondfit Dental Care, dentist & dental hygienist work closely together to ensure the dental health of our patients. Find out what our licensed dental hygienists can do for you.

Teeth whitening

For a bright white smile

Radiantly white teeth give a well-kept and healthy appearance and the confidence to smile carefree.

Are you curious about what we can do for your smile and want to learn more about teeth whitening at Mondfit? Then contact us, we will be happy to tell you more.


Our service

Why choose Mondfit Oral Care

At Mondfit, we like to consider our patients. For example, you do not need a dental referral, and we are also available in the evenings or on weekends by appointment.

Without reference

For an appointment with our dental hygienist, you do not need a referral from a dentist or other specialist.

Evening and Weekend

No time during the day? We are happy to accommodate your schedule. At Mondfit, then, you are also welcome in the evenings and on weekends.

Up to 18 years free

Up to age 18, treatments at the dental hygienist are covered 100% and do not deduct from the deductible.

Our treatments

The care of Mondfit Oral Care

annual audits

bone loss on the jaws

cavities (caries) & fillings

placement of crowns

take radiographs

Root canal treatments


establishing a treatment plan

gum recession


halitosis (bad breath)

general oral disorders