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Dental Care Rotterdam

Dentist - Dental hygienist - Implantologist

Dentist and dental hygienist Rotterdam

Complete dental care in one location

Searching for a dentist or dental hygienist in Rotterdam? Our dentists and dental hygienists are ready to help with high-quality treatments and outstanding personal care.

We are committed to optimal dental health and a carefree smile for all of our patients. Our team of professionals work together closely to ensure a lifetime of optimal dental health by effectively curing existing conditions while at the same time keeping your mouth healty, clean and looking as good as possible.

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What others are saying

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Sandra Huizer
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I have been treated very professionally by both the dentist and the dental hygienist. Also, all the staff is very friendly!
Nadia al Maach
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Have had several treatments due to inflamed gums. My kids are also patients at Mondfit. Work is done carefully, instruction has been excellent and the staff is friendly.
I Willems
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I have been coming here for years, very friendly staff and always clean teeth. Now that I live a little farther away, I don't mind travelling a little bit for this.
F. Marcussen
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Treated last week by the dental hygienist at Mondfit. My teeth are really super clean! Definitely highly recommended.
Walleh Taghavi
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After a bad experience at my previous dental hygienist I have been very happy with Mondfit.
Jeroen V.
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Friendly and cheerful staff, know how to explain what they're doing and advise you on how best to deal with any problems.

Dental Care Rotterdam

Centrally located in Rotterdam

High-quality dental care and a pain-free experience go hand in hand at Mondfit. Our practice is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment that allows our specialists to provide an optimal patient experience.

Both existing and new patients can make appointments during evenings and weekends. 24/7 access to immidiate assisstance in case of accute pain. Our practice near Rotterdam center has ample parking space and is easily accessible by metro.

Dental hygienist Rotterdam

Preventing dental conditions

Early detection of possible disorders is one of the main priorities of the dental hygienist.

This helps prevent conditions like unhealthy gums, cavities, bad breath and other disorders even before they occur.

Dentist Rotterdam

Dental care tailored to you

The dentists at Mondfit are at hand to treat existing dental conditions and disorders.

From root canal treatment to cavity filling; our professional caregivers will get you back to optimal oral health as quickly as possible.


People first

Mondfit Dental Care takes every effort to ensure an optimal experience from start to finish.

We strive to provide a pleasant, comfortable and safe patient environment where our licensed health professionals can focus 100% on providing the best dental health care possible.

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Cosmetic dentistry

Aesthetic dental care

At Mondfit, we understand the importance of being comfortable with your smile. Our aesthetic dentists are comitted to getting you back to your carefree smile as soon as possible. 

Dental cleaning



Crowns & bridges

Teeth whitening


Straight teeth


Curious about your dental health? Contact us for an appointment. We are happy to talk to you.

Dentist and dental hygienist Rotterdam

Mondfit Dental Care

Looking for a dentist or dental hygienist in Rotterdam? At Mondfit Dental Care, professional healthcare and personal wellness are front and center.

The dental health care providers at Mondfit are at hand with curative treatments, excellent advice and outstanding dental health care.

Contact us today for an appointment. Make an appointment, fill out the contact form or call us directly.

Always an immediate appointment

Personal care

Timely detection of disorders

Specialist in anxiety

Emergency service

Pain-free treatment

Qualified caregivers

Free up to te age of 18

A lifetime of dental health

Dental health
for everyone

Regardless of age, clean teeth and a healthy mouth is important for everyone.

From the prevention of caries in babies to the placement of implants in adults or seniors, the specialists at Mondfit are committed to ensuring that our patients enjoy a lifetime of optimal dental health.

Are you in need of professional dental care tailored to your personal needs? Contact us for more information or to make an appointment.

Without referral

Without a referral

You do not need a referral from a dentist or other dental healthcare professional for an appointment with Mondfit Dental Care,

Evenings and weekends

Dental care tailored to you

Pressed on time? Mondfit has you covered. We are available for appointments in the evenings and on weekends. Referrals by other dental specialists are not required.

Dentist Rotterdam Kralingen

Easy access

Looking for a dentist in Rotterdam Kralingen? At Mondfit Dental Care, you have come to the right place!

Mondfit Dental Care is centrally located in Rotterdam and easily accessible by public transportation. Our practice is located next to Voorschotenlaan Metro Station and has ample parking space available in the immidiate area.


Mondfit Dental Care

Complete oral care at one location in Rotterdam

At Mondfit, our licensed dentists, dental hygienists and oral health specialists are on hand with professional dental healthcare and a personal touch.


Implantology Rotterdam

Missing a tooth? Implants offer a lasting solution.

Implants offer a durable and high-quality replacement for a missing tooth.

Our implants are custom engineered to perfectly fit your teeth and gums for optimal comfort.

The implant is designed to look like a natural part of your smile by carefully following the shape and colour of your teeth,

Mondfit Webshop

Toothpaste, toothbrushes, brush heads, mouthwash, brushes, softpicks; you can get everything you need for clean teeth and a healthy mouth in the Mondfit Webshop.


Straight Teeth

With Invisalign’s transparent braces, beautiful straight teeth have never been easier.

The removable aligners are tailor-made to fully adjust to the teeth while the patented Smarttrack technology ensures optimal comfort and ease of wear.

You decide where and when to take the aligner out, for example while enjoying a meal. The aligners are fully translucent, making them almost unnoticeable when worn.

EMS Airflow dental cleaning

Discover the benefits of Mondfit dental cleaning. Effective, comfortable and completely pain-free.

Image of the EMS Airflow device for pain-free dental cleaning

Free from pain

A carefree visit to the dentist

At Mondfit, we believe that everybody deserves a comfortable, pain-free experciene.

Thanks to our continued focus on the newest technologies and a pleasant patient experience we are able to treat virtually any disorder free from pain. 

Fear dentist Rotterdam

Dealing with anxiety

Anxiety dentist Rotterdam

Anxiety is a common problem that keeps many people from a timely visit to the dentist.

The dentists at Mondfit are experienced at treating anxious patients and specialize in providing a comfortable and pain-free experience. We take every effort to make a visit to our practice a pleasant experience.

Emergency dentist

Complete dental care in one location

Are you in urgent need of dental care? At Mondfit, patients always ellegable for immediate treatment, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Both new and existing patients can scedule appointments during evenings and weekends. 24/7 immediate assistance in case of an emergency. Our practice near Rotterdam Center has ample parking nearby and is easily accessible by metro.


Suffering from bad breath?

Enjoy worry-free fresh breath in no time at all with Mondfit Dental Care.

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Teeth whitening

For a bright white smile

Healthy, well-kept white teeth can mean all the difference towards a confident and carefree smile.

Are you curious about what we are able to do for your smile and do you want to learn more about teeth whitening at Mondfit? Then contact us, we are happy to tell you more.


Our service

Why choose Mondfit Dental Care

At Mondfit, we put our patients front and center. You don’t need a dental referral for an appointment. And we are available in the evenings or on weekends if you have a busy scedule.

Without referral

You do not need a referral from a dentist or other dental healthcare specialist for an appointment with one of our dental hygienists,

Evenings and Weekends

No time during the day? We are happy to accommodate your schedule. At Mondfit you are welcome in the evenings and on weekends.

Free up to te age of 18

Up to age 18, treatments by the dental hygienist are 100% covered.

Our treatments

Mondfit Dental Care

annual audits

Jaw bone loss

cavities (caries) & fillings

crowns and bridges


root canal treatments


treatment plan

gum recession


halitosis (bad breath)

general dental disorders